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Is self-talk important to do?

Have you ever had thoughts such as: “I’m not good enough, she is much better than I am, he has far better skills than I have?” Are you sick and tired of hearing your voice pushing you down and making you to play small? Well, you are right! Enough is enough!

Gloria Mayfield Banks

is a multi Million dollar earner in a company. I’ve heard her speak at one of Eric Worre’s events. A very bold and memorable lady.

Her motto in life is: Living, daring, sharing, making millions, self-empowering others and freedom.

She talks about the importance of Self talk! Each day!

This is what hers look like:

“Living, caring giving, sharing, ahh boy, boy I love to work with the daring. Imagine million, can you imagine such, of course you can, we’ve got the touch. I’m smiling only but I’m heavy in belief, I’m leading by example so you can count of me as I flash this million dollar smile, the world will know all worth while because I’m betting on the magic, betting on success, betting on some people who simply want the best! I’m proud to be here before you, I’m proud to be top rank, I’m executive national sales director my name is Gloria Mayfield Banks.”

To really get the full impact of these lines is to hear her speak.

I did my own version and it’s handing in the bathroom.

My homework for you is:

Can you create your own self talk? What would yours sound like? Let me know, PM me or send me an email. Are you up for this? When you write yours, start talking to yourself in the mirror each day, how does it make you feel after a week? Do you feel any changes within you? Have you noticed other things happening in your life?

I’m super excited to hear from you! Share it with me. Life is about sharing and progress in life!

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  • Garth Delikan

    March 12, 03 2016 05:48:27

    I’m constantly listening to and talking to my inner voice! It’s needs a bit of a positivity brush up I reckon!

    • Lucie

      March 19, 03 2016 03:58:48

      Hi Garth,
      haha, I love your comment! Don’t we all:) Little nurturing of our inner voice daily is so good for us. What’s more, if we are connected to like minded people it makes the journey more fun and achievable 🙂

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