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Simple and Effective Ideas to Boost Your Immunity Now!

With the situation rapidly changing day by day and myself reading about it I decided to share some vital information to help you take good care of yourself and your loved ones!

This blog post is to help you focus on what YOU CAN control!

Focus to build your immune system and fight viruses. We all get exposed to cold or flu viruses but only a small percentage doesn’t get it! Why? Because they have a strong immune system and “strong immunity is the only effective weapon we have”, Jarolav Svoboda, highly respected immunulogist in the Czech Republic.

Did you know that stress, anxiety and fear lowers the immune system? Stop watching the news if it makes you feel unwell!

  1. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

Did you know that just one night of bad sleep lowers your immune system by 60%? Having the right sleep environment can outmeasure that. There is one great sleep system I’d highly recommend if sleep is an issue for you. Otherwise, if you don’t have a sleep system or any issues, just go to bed earlier and sleep! NO checking social media, NO movies, NO reading, No exercising late in the evening, etc.- period! Get the body to rest and enjoy rejuvenating sleep! My husband used to have chronic fatigue syndrome about 10 years ago, three weeks on the sleep system changed his life completely.

      2. Hydrate well!

Did you know that Dehydration reduces the overall volume of blood and lymphatic fluids that are integral in a healthy immune system response. Make sure you drink a sufficient amount of pure, clean, energizing pH balanced water that hydrates at a cellular level. There is one water system I’d highly recommend. It provides a great solution, saves you money as you don’t have to stock up on plastic bottles in times like these and the quality of the water is like nature intended. A number of experts recommend to alkaline your body for the body to work more efficiently especially during an outbreak like the one we are experiencing.

      3. Alkalize your body!

The sleep system has a technology there that helps you alkalize, the water system is alkalizing. The next thing in line I highly recommend is barley grass! There is one particular supplement (phenomenal quality by the way) I’ve been taking with great results. This is the most alkaline food on the planet which is critical for the body and cells to be in the right environment and at ease.

Avoid white sugar and white flour, coffee, fizzy drinks!  They put the body out of balance real quick! They make the body very acidic. If you are self-isolating, cook a meal from scratch. All canned food is acidic! (By the way, nobody has been panic buying vegetables.) Have Riverford box or other supplier organized to bring you fresh produce weekly. If you feel you are already going down with something, double up on this product! it works very quickly and it’s effective.

      4. Medicinal mushrooms

There is one product I’d highly recommend. Has an amazing quality. Contact me if you are interested.

      5. Take good quality probiotics

80% of our immunity comes from the gut. Again, happy to recommend what I’ve been taking. Fenomenal product. Among many fab things, it passes through the strong acid environment of the stomach and gets where it needs to get to. Not every probiotic can do that.

Other supplements:

Liposomal Vitamin C – anti-viral properties! You can’t overdose on Vit C. By the way, it doubled in price online in the past week!!!!! and it’s on backorder). Yep, some people are not ashamed to do that!

Elderberry – antiviral properties among others.

Vitamins A (a great antioxidant),  D3 (500mg daily) – assists in helping the immune system function well (or get more sun exposure).

Omega 3.6. 9 – your body cannot make it. Again happy to recommend what I’ve been taking.

       6. Breathe pure, clean air indoors – get an air purifier

whether you are at home when self-quarantining or at work make sure you have a good air filter! I’d highly recommend one particular brand because it is with ULPA filter. The efficiency rating: 99.999% at 0.12 micron removing airborne particles. Covid19 is larger. If your lungs are tight, there are about three products I’d recommend that helped my husband when he had an asthma attacked. They help open up the airways. Great tools to have in a bag on the go.

Wash your hands of course!

NO  IBUPROFEN! Avoid it! It’s been linked to spreading the virus around your body according to news from Italy.

       7. Self-isolating at home!

It can be challenging mentally. Rest and cover yourself in Kenko comforter. It has far infrared technology to help you alkalize! Take your supplements. Drink plenty of water. Be connected to friends via social media so you don’t feel cut off from the world. Limit your time watching the news if this aggravates you or creates more anxiety. Personally, I’ve not been watching or listening to NEWS for three decades. I just get a 3-minute-sum up at the end of the day when listening to classical music at the whole hour. Media wants to get your attention and is here for profit. People are getting sicker and sicker because they are getting stressed and have anxiety. Fear and anxiety weaken your immune system!!

Meditate – calm your mind. You have all the power inside of you. It’s time to use it 🙂 Deepak Chopra has guided meditations on Youtube. Here is what he says about the power of your mind.

      8. Tips on what our ancestor did and we have forgotten

  • clean your tongue – we’ve been using a copper tongue scraper
  • clear your sinuses – I’ve been using NeilMed Sinus Rinse (www.neilmed.com)
  • gargle warm water with Himalayan salt and vinegar twice a day; first thing in the morning and before bed
  • if having asthma, allergies, sinus problem or bronchitis, my husband has been using Himalayan crystal salt pipe inhaler
  • shower in hot and cold water. Here are some instructions but in short: start with the right foot, moving steadily up the outside leg and down the inside, repeat with the other leg, then up the body; arms then the torso, including the back and head, as last. Finish with cold water. The sequence is carefully thought through to eliminate any shock to the heart.

 Thank you for sharing this information

let your friends, families and other people know to get them empowered with knowledge and the right tools to get well again during these challenging times.


One last thing: Some people and companies are taking advantage of this situation and putting prices up. The products from a company I’m recommending WILL NOT do this. The prices stay the same. You can order at discounted prices called automated shipping and get regular orders should you wish. Feel free to contact me and get informed.

Here is the full recording from which this info was taken.

Isn’t this interesting? A great recording offering natural supplements and advice has been taken down by soundcloud. Like a lot of youtube videos empowering people with knowledge in these challenging times…


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