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What is the KenkoGround?

Have you ever asked yourself why you want to be grounded? And what to use to ground yourself easily and effortlessly in today’s modern-day and age? Keep on reading to ...

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April-autism awareness month, what is autism

April is Autism Awareness Month – Why is Autism on the Rise?

Do you know a family with an autistic child(ren)? Or Do you have an autistic child in your family? A few decades ago there only maybe a handful of children ...

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7 Life Changing Products the Pharmaceutical Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

7 Life Changing Products the Pharmaceutical Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Are you fed up with taking medications and seeing no or very little results? Or do you want to avoid to get trapped in the never ending loop of medications ...

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woman ipad tablet grass bare feet grounding wellbeing healthy mind feel happy business

Why Grounding is a Game Changer for our Wellbeing?

Feeling anxious, stressed, agitated, exhausted… after a few hours spent indoors – being it in an office on the computer, airplane, public transport …? Did you ever realized that you ...

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Why Grounding is essential for us in the modern age

Why Earthing (Grounding) is Essential for the Human Body in Today’s Modern Age

Have you had a few super busy months where work has been coming at you left, right, centre and everything had to be done NOW? And going to nature never ...

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