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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? For us almost every day is a Valentine’s day since my husband and I practice gratitude that goes outside just the four of us. But ...

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3 generations of women - how to age with grace

How To Age Actively & With Grace

Have you also noticed how the magazines and tv adverts are shaping your attitude towards ageing – particularly women’s ageing? The beauty industry has inundated the marketplace and our thinking ...

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How to celebrate Valentine's Day? Ideas and tips

How Different Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Whether or not you do here is some info I found¬†interesting so let me share them with you. The History of Valentine’s Day Valentine‚Äôs Day ...

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5 Tips How to Be Wild (Again)

The Autumn is in full swing, how have you been? Are you set in your routine…your summer holiday is long forgotten… things around are little too same? But your soul ...

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