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Why Not Having Filtered Alkaline Water On-The-Go?

  I”m very excited to finally be able to travel abroad to see my parents and friends. You are familiar with the fact that airports don’t allow liquids to be ...

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Why To Reduce Bottled Water Use for Earth Wellness

Have you ever wondered if there will be enough drinking water on the planet?After listening to the radio today that some parts of Britain are facing drought. This country is ...

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Water IS The Best Drink For Children

Have you ever wondered why we as parents offer children water with squash or juices? I tell you my observation. When I used to live in London and later I moved ...

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Want To Improve Health? Drink More Water!

Do you drink enough water every day? How much water we drink is an individual affair, depending on lifestyle, age, gender and overall state of health. The truth of the matter ...

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World Water Day 2022 - Theme: Groundwater-www.luciepatelvarekova.com

World Water Day 2022 – Theme: Groundwater

Did you know there is a World Water Day? It is celebrated globally once a year to consciously recognize the importance of providing affordable, lasting access to safe water. It ...

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