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Want To Improve Health? Drink More Water!

Do you drink enough water every day? How much water we drink is an individual affair, depending on lifestyle, age, gender and overall state of health. The truth of the matter ...

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World Water Day, March 22nd! Take Action!

    What does water mean to you? Water means different things to different people. 22nd March 2021 is World Water Day. Your voice will help shape the forthcoming World ...

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What is in your tap water? Contaminants you don't want in your body

What Is In Your Tap Water?

Have you ever wondered what is actually in your tap water? If you (or your kids) don’t like the taste of it, there is probably something your body is saying ...

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top tip to stay healthy in the flu season this winter 2019

Top #1 Tip on How to Stay Healthy in the Flu Season in 2019

Are you bombarded with everyone being sneezing and coughing around you? Cold, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia are everywhere during the winter season. So what can we do to maintain good ...

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healthy looking woman with glowing well hydrated skin and shiny hair in autumn

6 skin care tips this Autumn

Do you think the summer has been hot this year? How does your skin looks like? Even though we may not like the cold weather, autumn season is an ideal ...

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