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drinking pure, clean, energising water

Hydrated {By Water} Is The New Sexy!

Do you think about water? I talk a lot about it. Why? Because enough can’t be said about our most essential nutrient that we ignore! Water must be replenished daily. ...

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3 women sitting caffe happy laughing positive success cheer

12 Tips How To Be More Positive

Have you ever heard if you want something you have to do or be more of what you want in your life? Being more positive is one of them. Plus ...

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3 tips for good sleep this winter_luciepatelvarekova.com

3 Tips for Good Sleep this Winter

AUTUMN 2018 is in full swing and as we are heading towards the winter season, the days will get shorter and the nights will get longer. But will that extra time of darkness help you ...

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5 Tips How to Be Wild (Again)

The Autumn is in full swing, how have you been? Are you set in your routine…your summer holiday is long forgotten… things around are little too same? But your soul ...

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Why You Need To Get Enough Quality Sleep

Why You Need To Get Enough Quality Sleep?

Do you know someone who is a chronic insomniac, suffers from erratic sleep patterns or simple doesn’t get enough sleep? I bet you do! Needing adequate sleep to function well ...

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