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Too much chronic stress now, Alzheimer’s when you are older

I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone by? Do you also have such weeks? Packed with information and actions. If it’s once in a while, no problem, we can put up with it but when it’s constant: week in, week out, month in, month out, year in, year out… You physically cannot withstand the pressure and stress and the brain just gives in. Look what I’ve found out:

People who live a stressful life could have a higher risk of developing depression or dementia, researchers have revealed.

A review of previous studies has revealed that chronic stress and anxiety can damage key brain regions involved in emotional responses, thinking and memory, Press Association reports.

Temporary episodes of anxiety, fear and stress

– experienced before an exam or job interview, for instance – are part of normal life. But the scientists point out that when such acute emotional reactions become chronic they can “wreak havoc” on immune, metabolic and cardiovascular systems, and damage the brain.

Dr Mah believes stress-induced damage to the brain may not be completely irreversible.

“Looking to the future,

we need to do more work to determine whether interventions, such as exercise, mindfulness training and cognitive behavioural therapy, can not only reduce stress but decrease the risk of developing neuropsychiatric disorders,” Dr Mah added.

We already know

that there is a link between long-term exposure to stress and both physical and mental health problems. We also know that stress is hugely prevalent in the workplace – over half of the workers (56 per cent) surveyed in our latest YouGov poll said that their work was very or fairly stressful.

The review was published in the journal Current Opinion in Psychiatry and Dr Mah works at the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care in Toronto, Canada.



Isn’t it sad that most people are working so hard in their lives in places that doesn’t make them happy only because they have to make money and later on in life when they should enjoy life, they can’t even remember where they live…

How many people do you know that fit this bill or on the trajectory to get there?

What has been the most stressful thing for you this week? What do you to bring yourself back into balance?

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