top tip to stay healthy in the flu season this winter 2019
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Top #1 Tip on How to Stay Healthy in the Flu Season in 2019

Are you bombarded with everyone being sneezing and coughing around you? Cold, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia are everywhere during the winter season. So what can we do to maintain good health with all the germs in the air?

What sleep has to do with shaking off flu?

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University conducted an experiment that suggests the more restful sleep we get, the better our chances of fighting off respiratory bugs. The scientists worked with 153 healthy men and women who agreed to be quarantined and injected with cold viruses.

7 versus 8 hours of sleep

The people were monitored over the next five days, those who slept less than seven hours nightly were nearly three times more likely to contract colds than those who slept eight hours or more! The researchers measured how deeply the people slept in addition to the number of hours, and the people who had better sleep quality were the ones more likely to fight off colds.So how many hours did you sleep last night and the past week? Just curious!

What the science says

David Katz, MD, founder of the Yale University Prevention Research Center and author of Disease-Proof: The Remarkable Truth About What Makes Us Well, explains that “our bodies need seven to eight hours of sleep in order to stimulate an immune response from our ‘natural killer cells,’ which attack viruses. Sleep is my most reliable defense against infection.”If you struggle with it, either toss and turn a lot, feel too hot or too cold, really struggle to fall asleep each night or wake up at early morning hours and cannot go back to sleep till your alarm clock beeps. Well, there’s nothing comparable to the Kenko Naturest® Matress Topper when it comes to helping you with restful and rejuvenating sleep! Book a free trial via email.

6 BONUS tips on how to help prevent or shorten colds, flus and respiratory viruses.

  1. Eat protein                                                                                                                                                                       Douglas Kalman, PhD, RD, director of nutrition and applied clinical trials at Miami Research Associates in Florida says, “Research shows that diets too low in protein can deplete the immune system. So I make sure to get protein-rich foods throughout the day, especially fish, eggs and yogurt.” 2 If you live a very busy lifestyle and you like easy and simple here is nutritional pea protein in Kenzen Vital Balance®! My husband particularly enjoys it.

      2. Drink lots of water

Paramedic Kristina Economou of Monterey, California says, “As a paramedic, I never know what germs I’ll be encountering, so I drink water constantly to flush toxins out of the lymph system.” 2

      3. Use a water bottle

A kindergarten teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, Cheryl Lassister says, “I never use water fountains or the railings on stairs. They’ve got the prints of hundreds of germy hands and mouths. And they don’t get sanitized as other surfaces, like sinks. I’ll use my own water bottle!” 2 The PiMag® Sport Bottle not only serves as your personal water bottle but it also has a built in filter, so you get alkaline water without sediment!

       4. Get massages regularly

A massage therapist in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Christine Nelson says she doesn’t just give massages, she gets them. She explains, “I receive massages once a month to increase my circulation, which boosts immunity by nourishing cells with more oxygen and blood. It also makes me relaxed and less stressed. When you’re less stressed, you’re less likely to be a germ magnet.” 2 When you feel like a quick massage, there’s nothing easier than the hand-held KenkoTouch® with its warming pulsation in three speeds or the Kenko Magduo®.

       5. Take care of your gut

According to the National Institute of Health, approximately 70 to 80 percent of the body’s                            immune tissue is located within the digestive system, so boosting your immune system really requires a healthy gut.3 For efficient G.I. Tract support, Kenzen® Lactoferrin 2.0™ is both helpful and convenient!

       6. Drink tea

Murray Grossnan, MD, ear, nose and throat specialist at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California says, “I drink hot black or green tea with lemon and honey. Drinking the tea and breathing in steam stimulates the cilia—the hair follicles in the nose—to move out germs more efficiently. Lemon thins mucus and honey is antibacterial.” 2

Wise diet and lifestyle choices can improve your health and well-being. For your well-being, join my weekly newsletter and by Healthy by Choice not by Chance,,20752945,00.html 

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