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Unhealthy lifestyles cause unhealthy bodies

On Thursday 4th February was the World Cancer Day.

This has been a very sensitive topic for me, and these of you who don’t know, you are welcome to read my “About” page on my blog in more details.


In short, I lost my friend at the age of 30 to breast cancer. Absolutely devastating for me so naturally I become passionate about sharing with others what people can do to avoid to get diagnosed. Since then it’s been bothering me what triggers it. Because 5 years ago it was 1 in 5 who would get it now is 1 in 3 and some places even 2!!

I came across this article but particularly this week seems very relevant.


Most cases of cancer are down to unhealthy lives, rather than bad genes, doctors said.

They also said that factors in the world around us, from diet, to sunlight, cigarettes and disease, play a far bigger role in fuelling cancer than dodgy DNA.

Up 90 per cent of cancer cases would be wiped up if all these triggers could be avoided.

Dr Emma Smith, of Cancer Research UK, said: ‘Healthy habits like not smoking, keeping a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet and cutting back on alcohol are not a guarantee against cancer, they do dramatically reduce the risk of developing the disease.’


The new study claims that up to nine in ten cancers could be avoided if triggers linked to lifestyle were avoided

While the advice may not seem surprising, scientists are divided about how much cancer is caused by what we do and how much is unavoidable.


Dr Yusuf Hannun, of Stony Brook University in the US, said factors in the world around us are much more important.

These include diet, alcohol, cigarettes, sunburn, some viruses, pollution and likely other factors that have yet to be identified. 


Previous studies have shown that people moving from low cancer incidence to countries with high cancer rates develop the same tumour incidences, which also suggests the risks are caused more by environment than genes.

The team found that some exposure to environmental factors would be needed to set off the disease.

The Johns Hopkins University study earlier this year also failed to include common cancers such as prostate, breast, stomach, and cervix, which have been heavily linked to environmental causes


Previously experts have estimated that 30-40 per cent of cancer cases would be avoided given a better lifestyle, but there has been no similar calculation about whether the remainder can be prevented. 

Writing in the journal Nature, he said that the genes we inherit from our parents only account for a very small number of cancer cases. 

Dr Jian-Min Yuan, of the University of Pittsburgh in the US, said: ‘These results demonstrate that a large proportion of cancer is caused by environmental factors and are preventable if their underlying causes are identified.’


Via: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3362965/How-cancer-ISN-T-genes-90-cancer-wiped-avoiding-triggers-caused-unhealthy-lifestyles.html


Isn’t it refreshing to know that we all have some degree of control!

But you still may be asking: “So what else can I do?”What else is out there that would really get the toxins out of my home or office where I spend most time (of my life) and yet would be simple – effective – save – easy to use and of course side-effective free? In my next posts I’ll be sharing more what I’ve done to keep me healthy. But of course, email me, if you really need help now.

In the meantime, share it with people you care about and make a difference in their lives!


  • Kalita Wahnon Reis

    January 22, 01 2017 08:53:28

    Check Dr Sebi Hybrid Foods and animals videos on Youtube and also his website.
    There you will find all the truth of why now there are so many diseases and the way to cure them.
    No to starchy flours, vegetables and fruits only natural ORGANIC AND non GMO
    No to sugars
    No to animal eating it is bad Karma and we are contributing to deplete and spoil our natural resources
    No to processed foods
    No to alcohol for it turn into fructose
    No to salt only organic himalayan salt, and black salt
    No to seedless fruits
    Yes to alkaline natural ph above 7 water
    Yes to Vitamin D3 natural sun from 10 am to 14 pm 8 to 12 minutes a day of sun exposure
    Yes to exercise
    Yes to oxygen and long walks in woods/forest parks /nature
    Yes to positive friends
    Yes to positive thoughts
    Yes to proof Bullet Coffee
    Yes to organic cold pressed raw coconut oil
    A kis in colours with the scent of flowers!
    Love and light!
    Indigo Blue
    Kalita Wahnon Reis

    • Lucie

      January 26, 01 2017 02:44:05

      Thank you Kalita for your comment. You are right. One has to be really choosy what to buy and what to eat.

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