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Water IS The Best Drink For Children

Have you ever wondered why we as parents offer children water with squash or juices? I tell you my observation. When I used to live in London and later I moved to Southampton (big cities) what comes out of the tap didn’t take anything like the water i know what my home village back in the Czechia. And many parents even told me that they have to camouflage the horrible taste so their children would actually drink it. Let me share with you other reasons that are biological and supported by research.

Water is life

and all plants and animals require water to live. As part of the animal kingdom, humans are the only ones who do not drink water and mother’s milk exclusively for survival. This complicates human survival, because along with milk, plain water is the best choice for children; yet contemporary lifestyles commonly allow for juices, sugary sodas and artificially flavored beverages.

How children benefit when drinking water?

Water has zero calories, keeps joints, bones and teeth healthy, helps the blood circulate and can help children maintain a healthy weight into adulthood. A well hydrated child tends to have better mood, memory and attention span as well as concentration and focus.Drinking alkaline water helps keep the teeth health. Tap water should be neutral (pH 7). If using filtered water, aim for alkaline (pH 8-9). Not all filters produce alkaline water. You can easily check using pH drops or pH strips bought in a shop selling fish or pond plants.

Here are some other guidelines for children:

1) No sugar-sweetened beverages for children younger than two years of age.

Limit them for older children as much as possible. This includes sports and energy drinks, juice cocktails, sodas, lemonade, and sweetened water. These drinks add “empty calories” to the diet, can be filling and leave kids less hungry for the nutritious foods they really need. Sometimes sodas and energy drinks contain caffeine, which may overstimulate many children.

2) Even 100% juice should be strictly limited.

While juice may contain some vitamins, these drinks are high in sugar and calories and low in the healthy fiber found in whole fruit. Because of its sweet taste, once children are offered juice, it can be difficult to get them to drink plain water. Keep these amounts in mind:2

3) Children less than a year should not drink any juice at all.

4) No more than 4 oz per day for children one to three years of age.

5) For older children, juice is only recommended if whole fruits are not available.

Children ages four to six years: no more than four to six oz per day, and for children ages seven to 18, no more than eight oz per day.

6) Avoid artificially – sweetened drinks.

Health risks for children from artificial sweeteners are not well understood, so it is safest to avoid these drinks. Instead, make water readily available to encourage healthy drinking and establish Active Wellness habits. Here is more insides on Why artificial sweeteners among other things make you more fat.

7) Milk may be beneficial either animal-sourced or plant-sourced.

However, flavored milk can be much higher in sugars. Even though children still get the benefits of the calcium and vitamins found in flavored milk, the added sugars may create a preference for sweet flavors, which can make it difficult to have success when offering regular milk.

8) Children are at a greater of dehydration

than adults because in relation to their size, they have a larger proportion of skin that is exposed to heat.3  Also, children don’t always recognize when they’re thirsty, and if they’re not encouraged and reminded with water, may forget to drink and rehydrate. Nothing will hydrate better than water.

Let’s help children create healthy habits

by being good role models and drinking plenty of filtered water. We also can teach them respect for the environment and to carry a re-usable water bottle to avoid single-use plastics. Children are like sponges and learn quickly, so we can start them off right with clean, alkalizing PiMag® water.

Here is another source of information How to help children drink more water.

Feel free to check out an article on why to use a filter and Why investing in a water filter will benefit the whole family.

Why not to get the best?

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3 https://healthy-kids.com.au/parents/children-hydration/

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