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What Air Do You Breathe Indoors?

Have you ever walked into a room and within a short while you simply couldn’t breathe? Poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to many respiratory problems. Unfortunately, airborne contaminants are rampant and most people are not aware that indoor air quality often is even worse than polluted outdoor air.

What is the cause of bad air indoors?

Here are some of the things that can cause indoor air to be bad to inhale: asbestos, bacteria and viruses, building and paint products, carbon monoxide, odors from carpeting and flooring, cleaning supplies and household chemicals, dust mites and pet dander, mold and mildew, radon, secondhand smoke, volatile organic compounds and insect debris. Ironically, because air freshener is scented, it actually can be a culprit for respiratory distress—artificial fragrances are a major cause of serious health problems, especially for people with lung diseases such as asthma or COPD.1

There are simple precautions you can take to maintain indoor air quality:

  • Do not allow anyone to smoke indoors.
  • Make sure there are no leaks or standing water, for example, in the kitchen, basement or attic.
  • Keep fuel-burning appliances fully vented to the outdoors and serviced regularly for proper functioning. These include gas stoves, water heaters and fireplaces.
  • Store household chemicals, paints or solvents in closed compartments.
  • Keep garbage covered before its removal.
  • Select unscented or naturally scented personal care products.
  • Keep pesticides and herbicides securely sealed.

Living an active wellness lifestyle – you still need good air quality 

Even people who live an Active Wellness lifestyle can experience negative health impacts from breathing polluted indoor air. Symptoms can be as mild as respiratory irritation (sneezing, sniffling) to serious ones that may cause asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and COPD.2

What are the symptoms of bad air quality?

Some symptoms may not pertain to the respiratory system but can still be the result of breathing bad air. These include dry throat, headache, nausea, reduced resistance to infections, fatigue and even weakened athletic performance.When resistance to infections occurs, most people may experience cold-like or flu-like symptoms that can result in more severe respiratory complications.4

Is poor air quality recent issue or another trend?

Sadly not! A few times a month there is an article pointing to the consequences of bad air quality on our health. Here is a link to a recent article in the Times – Dirty air linked to increased risk of brain cancer

What is the easy solution?

To breathe is to live. Breathing clean air is necessary to have an Active Wellness life. A good quality purifier is such an easy solution with multiple-stage HEPA filtration. Energy Star qualified purifier is 35% more efficient than standard models and saves a minimum of 215 kilowatt-hours per year. Using only 55 watts to cover 313 sq. ft., its carbon footprint is further decreased with a reusable prefilter and replaceable outer filters. It’s patented to generate negative ions, replicating those in Nature, and it operates ozone-free and is therefore non-toxic. Made with recyclable plastics, it supports respiratory health and the health of planet Earth. Contact me for more details and how to order one for your office.

A holiday room without an air purifier

We had an interesting experience on our holiday this year when took a trip around Europe and stayed at different types of accommodation and we learnt the importance of good air quality indoors. My husband has asthma but he has not been using the inhaler for a long time. He has been managing it holistically and it has been working for him very well. He has lived in a Wellness Home for over 10 years. However, when travelling, all kinds of surprises awaits for you, doesn’t it? However, my husband’s asthma was trigged. It could have been by pets who often wonder in rooms for guests before guests arrive. It could have been air fresheners…Having been travelling for a few weeks, my husband’s breathing got a lot worse when we got accommodated in a 3-star hotel (!) Within a half an hour staying in a room I had to drive him to the A&E in Ljubjana, Slovenia.  What’s more, we stayed overnight. During that night I started to feel an itchy throat and struggled breathing…! I don’t want to know what was going on in that room but we both we glad to leave the room. Indoor air matters!

A holiday villa with Kenko Air

I’m happy to share that in our Wellness villa at the Mar Manor Golf and Spa resort in Spain we have Kenko air purifiers in each room. In fact, we have a lot more to support your health. Learn more here.






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