what is your American Dream in 2019
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What is your “American Dream” in 2019?

Do you also have the habit to analyse your past 12 months in terms of successes and learning curves? Or you like doing it quarterly or however often. What are your expectations for 2019 and beyond? I’ve recently read a survey about “The ‘American Dream’ – It’s Not What You Think.” It inspired me so much so that I decided to share it with you and hopefully you get inspired too whatever your age 🙂

The American dream?

For some, it might mean living a richer life. After all, when James Truslow Adams coined the term in 1931, he wrote that “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone” based on ability and achievement rather than social class. Over the years, though, the American dream has come to mean many things to many people.

What Is the American Dream Today?

Whether it’s upward mobility, homeownership or the ability to provide a better life for your children, the American dream means different things to different people. However, to get a sense of what it means to most people, GOBankingRates asked, “Of the following, which do you associate the most with the American dream?” Respondents could choose one of the following six answers: – Equal opportunity – Happiness and material comfort – High employment – Homeownership – Rags to riches – Success through hard work. By far, the most popular response was “success through hard work,” with 43 percent of respondents saying they associate this most with the American dream. “Equal opportunity” was the No. 2 most popular answer, followed by “homeownership.”

What is the Millennial American Dream?

“Success through hard work” was their No. 1 answer, young millennials ages 18 to 24 were also more likely than other generations to associate “happiness” and “material comfort” with the American dream. “Millennials have redefined work-life balance,” Kay said. “While it represents a break from what was formally known as ‘traditional,’ they have earned respect and admiration for … piloting a new direction.”

Is the American Dream Actually a Reality?

Today, the American dream is defined as “success through hard work” — but what exactly is “success” to Americans? My mentor Mike DiMuccio often quotes Earl Nightingale:

Success is really nothing more than the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. This means that any person with a goal towards which they are working is a successful person.

Here are 4 things the Americans revealed as their ideals for good life:

1. The Ideal Salary in America Is at Least $100K a Year.

To identify Americans’ ideal standard of living, GOBankingRates asked respondents how much they need to earn to afford their ideal lifestyle. The survey found that the majority of Americans have a realistic standard of living. The top response for annual income needed to afford an ideal standard of living was “at least $100,000.”

2. Americans Also Want Affordable, Realistic Homes

They also appear to be realistic about the cost of their ideal home. About 26 percent said their ideal home would cost less than $200,000.

3. Health Insurance Is the No. 1 Work Benefit

Health insurance was the most popular response by far, with nearly 48 percent of respondents naming it as their ideal benefit. Americans are worried about having to pay for the rising cost of healthcare and insurance on their own.

4. Majority of Americans Want to Retire Early

Although Americans believe working hard is part of the American dream, more than one-third said the ideal retirement age is 55 to 64 which is slightly younger.

A Challenge For You

If you honestly believe you want to create and live your American Dream: finance your lifestyle, retire earlier and enjoying good health as you age —>reach out to me and let’s make it happen! Your age, qualifications, ethnicity, religious beliefs are not important, however, your desire to acualise your dream is vital.

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