Why Grounding is essential for us in the modern age
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Why Earthing (Grounding) is Essential for the Human Body in Today’s Modern Age

Have you had a few super busy months where work has been coming at you left, right, centre and everything had to be done NOW?

And going to nature never managed to make it on top of your priority list?

I bet you are quite looking forward to your holiday which if it hasn’t started yet, it’s surely round the corner.

And when you are on holiday,  allow yourself some grounding – earthing!

It’s not just for the tree huggers even if you think so!

Just keep reading!

By the way, before we go further, when was the last time you actually walked bare feet on the ground?

You know like, on the grass in the park or in the garden or feeling the sand under your toes?

If you haven’t done it in the past week or so, take off your shoes and feel the earth!

It is so good for you, you know.

Well, let me give you some science and evidence.


There is a growing evidence that earthing (grounding)  is absolutely essential for our health.

The Planet acts like an enormous battery (it’s one big magnet) which contains natural, refined electrical charge -it’s a unique type of energy existing in the ground.

For stability and safety the majority of things in our world are linked to it, whether it is an electric power plant, hair dryer or the fridge. That’s what actually the term grounded comes from.

Likewise being grounded applies to us humans. When we are electrically grounded, we feel:

-Well balanced
-Much less stressed
-Less worried
-On the whole, we feel amazing!

Gosh, can you imagine feeling like this even in the office every day? Where we frankly are far from being connected to nature, right?

All the wi-fi and mobile phone signals, photocopiers, artificial lights, air conditioning, surrounded by glass and steel…

Can you imagine, if you happen to have discomfort, you actually can have much less of it, or quite possibly none at all, when grounded.


Autoimmune Disease on the Rise

How many people do you know who have to cope with discomfort on a daily basis?
Or feel continuous anxiety, stress, depression or exhaustion?

Sadly, I meet them quite often.
They don’t know what to do…

The Doctors, Physicians and other Medical professionals typically cannot figure out what the reason is and in the end they turn to prescription drugs that create adverse side effects like tiredness, negative state of mind, gastro-intestinal upset and migraines or headaches.

The auto-immune conditions have actually been on the rise in the recent years.

There is about 80 different types.

50 million individuals in the U.S. and around that figure in the U.K. have been suffering from:

-Multiple sclerosis
-Inflammatory of the digestive tract
-Rheumatoid arthritis and joint inflammation
Scientists aren’t sure what is behind such rise of these health problems.

Some claim it is due to the fact that people are eating much more unnatural foods like GMO,

food treated with pesticides or herbicides – compared to ever before and ingredients in these foods are damaging to health.

While lifestyle choices such as meditation and yoga exercise could assist well, but there are limitations to their effectiveness for many of these diseases.

Losing Connection with the Earth

We are bioelectrical beings living in this electrical world.

Your body runs electrically – just listen to your heart beat to start with. Every one of our cells sends numerous frequencies through the body, for our immune system, muscles, and our nervous system to function.

With the exception of people living in industrialized society, all living things on our planet earth are linked to the earth’s magnetic energy.

In industrialized areas, we hardly ever go barefoot outside or wear natural leather shoes that enable us to soak up the ground’s energy.

For many years, people choose wearing more and more rubber or plastic-soled shoes that actually work as a barrier to the energy of the earth, preventing the contact with the planet.

What’s more, we no longer sleep on the ground, as done in other cultures and tribes in the past (some still do). Some of us live and work in skyscrapers above the ground in big cities, some of us commute long distances to work… How many of us are carrying one or more mobile phones in the pocket, tablets, laptops in the bag, driving an electric car?
The reality is, we’re divorced from the earth and the earth’s energies. We are not in contact with the ground anymore and recharging our batteries daily. Definitely not as much as we used to anyway compared to the middle of last century.

Could this interference be an ignored factor in the rise of the lifestyle diseases? Think about it…

What is the benefit of Earthing (Grounding)?

A scientific research study over a decade ago shows that our body could be protected and really makes us feel much better when we reconnect to the Planet. That is, when we are grounded.
Let’s have a look at the examples of possible advantages that have actually been reported in some research studies:

1. Reduced Levels of Inflammation & Discomfort

Being grounded can alleviate inflammation.

The pictures reveal a person with persistent neck and back pain, as checked by thermography, a frequently used method in medical field.

The top photo was taken prior to grounding – using magnetic roller.

The red patterns show “warm” areas of discomfort and inflammation.

The picture at the bottom shows decrease in inflammation after 30 minutes after the magnetic back roll.


Here are the benefits other people reported:

30 percent decrease in pain
70 percent decrease in pain which was disrupting her sleep
30 percent decrease in early morning stiffness and also soreness
After 4 weeks, she reported:

80 percent decrease in pain
No sleep disturbance
70 percent decrease in morning stiffness and soreness
By 8 weeks, she said her pain was gone.

2. Lowered Stress and Anxiety Levels

When grounded, the diurnal rhythm of the stress hormone, cortisol, starts to stabilize. Cortisol is linked to your body’s stress and anxiety response and also assists control blood sugar level, manages metabolic process, helps in reducing inflammation and swelling, as well as helps with memory formulation.
What’s more, a normalization of the cortisol rhythm, individuals also slept far better and woke up really feeling a lot more refreshed and rejuvenated.

The images below show visually the human energy field and the stress in the body using the diagnostic tool called the BioPulsar.

The first image reveals the perfect energy of a body – in total balance, no stress, no burden on the body.




The second image shows a body of a client when walked in the clinic, after work.

(Prior to sleeping in the sleep system).

grounded whilst sleeping

The third image shows the body after a night’s sleep on the sleep system. Very close to the perfect state, right?

There are ways to how you can Reconnect to the Earth
While the study on grounding is fairly new, the practice is timeless. Previous cultures went barefoot or used natural leather shoes made from hides that enabled the energy from the Planet to rise right into their bodies. They were grounded.

Enhanced Blood circulation

When you are grounded your blood circulation improves, assisting in the distribution of oxygen and also nutrients to the cells in your body, including much better blood circulation to the face.

There Are Ways to How You Can Reconnect to the Earth

While the study on grounding is fairly new, the practice is timeless. Previous cultures went barefoot or used natural leather shoes made from hides that enabled the energy from the Planet to rise right into their bodies. They were grounded.

The truth is, because we have lost touch with the nature’s electrical socket and the interference could be a seriously ignored root cause of human discomfort of persistent health problem worldwide.

Luckily, you can reconnect.

If you can and the weather allows, schedule it in every day – go outdoors barefoot for a half-hour and see how your levels of pain and stress will feel afterwards. Sit, stand, or stroll on lawn, sand, or concrete. These are all conductive surfaces from where your body could draw the Earth’s energy. Wood, Timber, asphalt, vinyl or plastic are not conductive.

If you intend to maintain the Earthing experience, make it a part of your day-to-day routine.

For lots of people, nevertheless, there really time in their hectic and busy days to head out barefoot. So, and you’d be pleased to know, there are other options that can be used indoors. Invest in buying grounding products which can be utilized while sleeping, unwinding, or working — such as:

Chairs seats
Bed pads and duvets
Body bands,
Patches to put on your body where it hurts

Whatever path you take, get grounded and feel good, vibrant and dynamic again regardless how busy your lifestyle is.


If you are interested in what I’ve been using despite my busy schedule, get in touch. I’m happy to share my secret.

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