Why forest schooling is more popular these days?
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Why Forest Schooling is More Popular These Days?

There has been a shift in how children are being educated these days.

The Times found a 45 per cent rise since 2011, with about 33,000 home-schooled.

So why is it? I was wondering!

Quite a number of people from business networking are either putting their kids to forest schools or teach them at home.

Are you curious to know? I was!

There has been an incredible increase in children and teenagers suffering from anxiety and depression.

The increasing pressure on passing exams, bulling… what’s more, it’s bit odd to hear kids saying they are stressed…!

The thing is you cannot separate learning from wellbeing.

If a child is anxious, they will not learn. Period.

“All the statistic show that children are not doing well at school and teachers are bolting thing on

like mental health services rather than getting to the root of the problem.”


So what is different about forest schools or home schooling?

First of all, the idea started over in Denmark where first Forest School Movement got established

and the principle is that children are taught every day in summer, in winter in a wood.

The Green House Education Project established not far from Bath is drawing onto these principles

and they believe they prepare children better to deal with setbacks and take risks in the modern life.

They teach them to find their passion and pursue their ambitions.

There are no teachers, no exams, no uniforms, no formal curriculum, no rulebooks.

This type of school and Forest Schools use nature as their main learning tool.

What is the big deal?

“Nature is the source of many of our inquiries and play.

All weathers we are outside. But social and emotional wellbeing is at the core.

We are very motivated by nature deficient disorder, the connection between nature

and mental health and how lack of it leads to anxiety and depression,” Ms Adams said.

Pupils practise yoga, meditation and mindfulness. They also do the old fashioned, stuff

— building dens, climbing trees and whittling sticks.


Other types of education

Steiner Schools, Montessori, Bedales School, Home schooling
Via: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/hipster-parents-branch-out-into-green-learning-6zd27z0rz


If you’d like to know what can help your children to thrive even though you don’t have means

or chance to change the schooling methods for your children, contact me today.

I’m happy to share with you my shortcuts how to thrive in the 21st century!


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