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Why Healthy Children Make Healthy Future?

Have you noticed that children have more allergies, behaviour issues and overall seem to struggle mentally and physically more than a generation or two ago? Being pregnant again (yay!) it’s been more in my face than ever how much responsibility I have as a parent before I even conceive… And with what is going on, it is more important than ever to focus on our lifestyle as a whole family. Therefore, I’d like to share with you a post created by Dr Gary Lindner as he made great points to think about and hopefully inspire you to make some changes. So please, please share this with mums-to-be or second-time mums to help them alter their lifestyle to allow kids to have a better future.

“In the long view, no nation is any healthier than its children”

— Harry S. Truman

Parents as role models

Happy, healthy parents make happy, healthy children. Encouraging children to live healthy lifestyles is each parents’ responsibility. The best way to accomplish this is founded in each of our choices to be healthy. In other words, be that role model for a healthy lifestyle.  All children want to imitate parents from early childhood. Parents generally have much longer and more frequent contact with their children than any peer claiming to have influence over them. For example, teens are twice as likely to smoke cigarettes if their parents were smokers.  Healthy children start with healthy parents. This may even start during pregnancy.

Why mother’s diet is important during pregnancy?

Recent research suggests that the food choices a mother makes during her pregnancy may set the stage for an infant’s later acceptance of solid foods. Amniotic fluid surrounds the fetus, maintaining fetal temperature, and is a rich source of sensory exposure for infants. Many flavours in the maternal diet appear to be present in amniotic fluid. Taste and smell are already functional during fetal life, and because the fetus regularly swallows amniotic fluid, the first experiences with flavour occur prior to birth.

Children learn by observation

The implication of the research findings is that if we want children to learn to like and eat healthy foods such as vegetables, they need early, positive, and repeated experiences with those foods, as well as opportunities to observe others consuming those foods. The natural tendency of children to prefer sweet or salty, caloric rich foods over energy-poor but micronutrient-rich alternatives highlights the need for adult intervention to provide a varied and healthy diet.

The 4 self-care principles

In addition to diet, we must also model the basics of good health. The Self Care Awakening advocates four main principles for good health. Good hydration, sufficient quality sleep, monitor and reduce sugar intake to a healthy level, and take steps to reduce our body burden of environmental toxins. These are simple, easy, and effective ways to Be Healthy by Choice. Patrick Holford in his book Optimum Nutrition before, during and after pregnancy is a great resource.

What I was told at a pregnancy scan but cannot be made public!

When I was first time pregnant I went for my second scan. The nurse complimented me for having a healthy amount of fluid around the baby. She also asked what I was hydrating with. So I told her, primarily just plain water. Then I asked her what the big deal was and she revealed that time and time again particularly young mothers-to-be who have been mainly consuming fizzy, carbonated drinks have completely different readings. What’s more, their fetus had been prone to having brittle bones! Shocking, right?  She also shared with me that she couldn’t make that official with any medical journals as her career would come to an end! The big corporations selling these drink would destroy her career. You make your own conclusion about this.

Chronic conditions in children

The current status of children’s health is in dire need of improvement. Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1960 showed that less than 2% of children had a health condition severe enough to interfere with usual daily activities. Statistics from the American Pediatrics in 2017 reported that 54% of American children have a diagnosed chronic condition. 13–27% of children are affected by chronic conditions in the UK.* The most common chronic diseases currently affecting children include obesity, asthma, allergies, ADD/ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders.

Learn from Dr Lindner

The solution created by one Japanese company offers easy to use path for an Active Wellness lifestyle and is a great model for Healthy Families. Dr Gary Lindner in his Healthy by Choice Master Class discussed this subject, Healthy Families by Choice. If you are interested in hearing him talk, contact me for a free recording.


Healthy world, healthy child foundation

created a short video pointing to the environment we live in and how our children are affected.


My wish for you is to be healthy by CHOICE not by chance and equip you with information that supports your wellbeing.

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