Work With Lucie - Lucie Patel Varekova

Be your own Hero… and why it’s time to make Happiness your Business Model.

Most people spend almost 30% of their lives earning their crust and another 34% counting cute sheep leaping over a fence.

What about the remaining 36%?

How about eating, social activities, personal hygiene, gossiping, sucked into Amazon prime TV and making love ( if the star’s are truly in alignment for you).

However, work holds a special place in our lives. Work puts bread on the table and shapes who we are. It gives us a sense of self worth, social status and keeps our bank account happy.

And even if we are out of work , it still soaks up a big amount of psychic bandwidth.

So it’s not uncommon for us to hear phrases such as ‘meaningful work’, ‘ purpose in work’ and happiness at work’ on the radio, in magazines, on TV shows and in the business world.

This is because ‘purpose’ has depth to it. It’s the special sauce that feeds our soul and puts a big grin on our face. It’s the stuff that powers us up , better than duracell batteries.

“people gain purpose when they grow, create meaningful relationships, and are in service to something greater”

I believe there is more to life ( and that includes business) than just making money. I connect budding entrepeneurs to a happiness business program that creates a pupose driven business that can be operated from your laptops with an influence all round the world.

My big why is actually helping people to fulfill their role in the world by helping others create a people focussed bsuiness. And although I usually work with budding entrpreneuers it’s not just about starting a business but more about helping people to become more pupose driven.

Let’s just take a step back a moment. Every great business has either a fabulous service or product that people want. It would make sense for your business to do the same.

“my big wow is helping you create a business that becomes a force of good in the world”

There are many great companies out there and it’s very easy to become flustered with the choice. When I was making my decision I looked for the following  reasons:

  • A stable company that has been around for a long time
  • With products I love to use myself even if I was not affiliated to the company
  • With products that have mass appeal, for any age group and absolutely vital for life
  • That fits me as a person and supports my personal brand

You have to decide if these reasons make sense to you when you are making your decision. The business has to fit you as a person because if you have passion for something it makes the journey more pleasurable and do-able.

If people are looking for something in this world it’s often not more stuff – though sometimes that can help!

Often what people are looking for is true significance, true meaning where they can actually make a difference in the lives of others.

Look for a business that teaches people the idea that they are more than they were meant to be in this life, no matter what age, background or where they live.

Are you ready to persue your mission – and happiness?